‎bullet journal companion on the app store

It’s handy that you can use taskade as a guest before signing up for it. The app lets you add checklists, outlines, and notes to your bullet journal.

Of course, you can add details in the area called “notes”. You can add habits, and track them setting the app reminder. The app will notify you that this is the time now for a new glass of water. Bullet journals or notebooks were always popular among people despite their occupation and lifestyle. It’s almost impossible to find anyone who has never used the notebook to write down tasks.

That makes this simple mobile app from the makers of bullet journal the odd one out on this list. Bullet Journal Extension But it’s the perfect solution if you’re not ready to let go of your paper journal completely in favor of a digital one.

My first real introduction to a daily journaling practice was through an introduction to the micheal hyatt’s full focus planner. Using this planner for about 6 months, I could see why planners work. There is a built-in calendar with marked days with special events, tasks or actions that should be completed.

You might also want to consider these mobile note-taking apps to create bullet journal spreads. You need to use the bullet journal companion app along with, and not instead of, your analog bullet journal.

Needless to mention those whose work collaborates with everyday schedule and todo lists. The app also works with github, evernote, slack, and other apps for some bolt-on goodness. For those of you who want to keep your bullet journal online, we have shown you apps that can make the switch easy for you.

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