Qr menu

With a qr code at your entrance, in a window pointing outside, potential customers can grab your menu as they pass by. And your windows aren’t cluttered by hanging big menus in them forever. And you’re left with a beautiful new qr code and a customized digital menu or digital wine list that you can share with the world. Every table has a unique qr code that can be scanned by customers not only to view the menu card, but also to place orders. You can now supplement or replace your classically printed menu with a digital version. By combining your inventory and menu management, it’s easier to keep menus accurate and up-to-date.

That ensures a smooth, hygienic dining experience. You can print your qr code on stickers and artfully place them on the table itself or a nearby wall. Or on a small display meant to specifically house the qr code. As a customer waits for their table, or as they enjoy a drink with no plans to dine in, present the qr menu code to them.

Online menus will update when you make edits in-house. Let your restaurant or bar visitors scan a qr code and see your menu with their phone. Restaurant Contactless Ordering Limit the spread of the coronavirus and speed up your ordering flow.

Putting the qr code on the coasters, cocktail menus, or on small, evenly-spaced stands works perfectly. You can even print them out on bar receipts. Restaurants—both inside and outside of hotels—often have menus hanging up in their windows.

Avoid paying for a seperate qr code service by using backbar. Host menus on your own website for easy access to your customers at home.

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