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We can deliver a satellite phone to you as fast as the next day if major shipping companies offer that service to your area. In critical and emergency situations we can often deliver the device to you the same day via courier. Before you browse our inventory of satellite phones, it’s important to know if it’s for emergency back-up, a camping trip, in what region of the world it will be used, etc. Terrestrial cell antennas and networks can be damaged by natural disasters. Satellite telephony can avoid this problem and be useful during natural disasters.

The inmarsat isatphone 2 integrates a full range of services (sms, email, call forwarding, call waiting, help button, etc.) and the sound quality is excellent. Iridium 9575 extreme is a compact and very robust satellite phone, it can be used anywhere in the world, even at the poles. If you are likely to need a satellite phone for more than six weeks a year, then purchasing a phone is likely your best option. Worlds First Android Satellite phone If you spend less than one month a year in regions lacking reliable landline or cellular coverage, we suggest a daily or monthly satellite phone rental for the times you need it. For true internet access with web browsing, a portable bgan or isathub terminal are the mobile satellite internet solutions we recommend.

Our powerful, rugged and dependable handheld satellite phone offers a critical communications link when out of reach of terrestrial networks, no matter how remote or harsh the environment. The inmarsat satellite network offers worldwide voice and data coverage . Isatphone 2 requires a clear line of sight to the inmarsat geostationary equatorial satellites. This means that the antenna needs an open view of the sky along the equator. At about the same time, globalstar launched a similar network, but with entirely different architecture, called bent-pipe. This system relied upon 48 satellites that were placed in orbit about 900 miles above the earth. Globalstarprovided cellular-equivalent audio quality, unlike iridium which has an extremely narrow bandwidth.

Sat phones are rarely affected by violent storms and, depending upon their system architecture, work virtually anywhere in the world. The devices weigh a few ounces and may be about the same size as your cell phone. Several satellite phones are capable of withstanding water, shock and dust, including inmarsat phones isatphone 2 and the iridium 9575 extreme . They are perfectly resistant to dust, rain and water jets and in the most extreme conditions.

This means that audio intelligibility on iridium is a bit more difficult to understand. In about 1997 the first low earth orbit satellite network was launched by motorola to provide handheld service anywhere in the world. The system was called iridiumand consisted of 66 satellites that crisscrossed the globe on a continual basis. The constellation of satellites communicated directly with each other in space, and then to ground stations in thirteen different locations around the world. Handsets could communicate with any phone, anywhere through this infrastructure. Ultimately, iridium went bankrupt due to inept marketing and unrealistic expectations of user demand, but the network survived and is now thriving. Sat phones rely on a network of satellites that are either fixed above the equator , or in low earth orbit anywhere from 500 to 1,000 miles above the earth.

Satellite phone service costs start at around $40 per month to keep the device active with 10 minutes of talk time included. The user is allowed to go over the 10 minutes and will be billed additionally at the end of the month. Yes, both inmarsat and iridium satellite phones offer excellent coverage in the ocean. Yes, satellite phones work great with sms services and you are able to send and receive text messages. Additionally satellite phone providers have dedicated pages where anyone can use their service to send free sms to your satellite phone.

Portable bgan and isathub terminals like the wideye isavi utilize a passive antennae that must be stationary to receive a signal and transmit data. Even on a slow moving cruise ship you may have trouble maintaining a signal. Whereas satellite phones from iridium and globalstar can maintain a signal even while traveling in a car, train or plane. The lowest priced satellite phone we provide is the inmarsat isatphone 2 on sale for $599. We offer discounted device price with select monthly plans on a 12-month contract.


Satphone faqs

The distance between earth’s satellites depends on the position of the satellites in low orbit or geostationary. No, if you want to be able to use each satellite phone, each will need its own sim card. Much like an unlocked cell phone, a satellite sim card can be moved to another compatible phone, but to be able to make calls, each satellite phone will need its own sim card with an active monthly plan or prepaid airtime. Iridium offers a few prepaid airtime options from global satellite minutes to fit within any price budget and provide reliable satellite coverage!

Smaller installations using voip over a two-way satellite broadband service such as bgan or vsat bring the costs within the reach of leisure vessel owners. Internet service satellite phones have notoriously poor reception indoors, AdvanceTC though it may be possible to get a consistent signal near a window or in the top floor of a building if the roof is sufficiently thin.

If your iridium global prepaid sim card expires, your airtime will be removed from the card and you will have a 270 day refill window to purchase a refill. Outside of that 270 day window, you will need to purchase a new sim card and also receive a new number at the time you activate the new card. Many satellite phones offer data services but few offer internet access and most have very limited bandwidth.

However, many popular online functions can be carried out with an added accessory to a standard phone. Sat phones are popular for expeditions into remote areas where terrestrial cell and data services are unreliable and unavailable. Satellite phones have been around for decades, but until the launch of the iridium network, they were often only offered at an unaffordable price. Satellite phones work by connecting you through satellites positioned in low or high earth orbit. This eliminates the need of cellphone towers and allows global satellite network coverage. Additionally, the user pays same rate per minute or text message anywhere in the world. A fixed installation, such as one used aboard a ship, may include large, rugged, rack-mounted electronics, and a steerable microwave antenna on the mast that automatically tracks the overhead satellites.

The phones have connectors for external antennas that can be installed in vehicles and buildings. The systems also allow for the use of repeaters, much like terrestrial mobile phone systems.

Unlike the mobile phone and the gsm network, its efficiency does not depend on the terrestrial transmission antennas installed by different mobile operators to cover a territory. In the case of a satellite phone, transmitted and received signals pass through satellites placed in orbit around the earth.