Computer and electronic recycling center

When disposed to landfill, the materials and chemical components used to make computer equipment such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic can leach into the soil and groundwater, causing harm to our environment and human populations. Please be aware that recyclers may currently be closed or operating shortened hours due to covid-19. Established in 2002, computer recycling services is a sepa approved authorised treatment facility for the disposal of electrical & electronic equipment.

Since 2003, weee recycling has been law, meaning you can’t just put your old laptop in the bin. We offer expert electronics and it asset disposition for your business, providing a flexible collection service with support available all day, every day. From laptop recycling to computer peripherals recycling, we ensure all devices are fully wiped clean of data before viable equipment is refurbished and the parts that can’t be reused are shredded to be recycled into new products.

Sls provides secure and compliant global it asset disposition , e-waste recycling and data center decommissioning services for businesses. In addition to facilitating reuse of equipment, computer disposal newbury sls also recycles discarded electronics, transforming waste to raw material.

, then use our computer recycling drop off or send direct recycling service instead. Making it a working product once again we then stop any of your old equipment going to landfill. All our vehicles are unmarked and gps satellite tracked for better security. Pc disposal is proud to introduce “No surprises” pricing to the computer recycling industry.

, our check-in/check-out auditing and inventory system, makes the process painless, simple and secure. Service extras, like compliance certificates, weighing and data, and posters. Although nearly 100% of e-waste is recyclable, around 50 million tonnes is thrown away each year worldwide. The service is only available for domestic customers and ends on 30 june 2009. Residents are encouraged to take the opportunity to reduce clutter and help the environment. Mr mcculloch said trying to find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of e-waste was a significant challenge.

This is to ensure weee is treated legally and to the standards set throughout the industry. Recycle/dispose recycling & disposing of it equipment in an ecologically friendly way. Re-use/refurbish re-using and refurbishing of it parts and equipment where possible. Data destruction data wiping, stripping and shredding to ensure your data is gone. We load equipment as quickly as possible and cause minimal amount of disruption to your establishment. Our computer recycling near me policy ensures that wherever you are, you can use cpr computer recycling.

Residents will be able drop-off their e-waste free of charge at the whylandra waste depot during may and june 2009. Collect and securely deliver the shredded remains to an aluminum recycling plant. Investment in e-cycling facilities has been increasing recently due to technology’s rapid rate of obsolescence, concern over improper methods, and opportunities for manufacturers to influence the secondary market . The controversy around methods stems from a lack of agreement over preferred outcomes. Computers being collected for recycling at a pickup event in olympia, washington, united states. Computer monitors are typically packed into low stacks on wooden pallets for recycling and then shrink-wrapped.

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