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Popular competitors to paypal and venmo, square and cashapp, also accept cryptocurrencies making the audience to bitcoin even wider. Venmo has more than 40 million active accounts, making the accessibility to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies even more significant. In october, bitcoin retested this resistance point only to fall back down. On november 4th, bitcoin pushed straight through $14,000 and continued higher. This is significant because bitcoin’s next resistance point is its previous all-time high of $20,000. Increased adoption from payment applications like paypal will give far more people easy access to cryptocurrency.

The confidence that these companies and their investors have in bitcoin has given increased merit to the concept of bitcoin as a store-of-value and safe-haven asset. Recently, a trend started where publicly traded companies were beginning to convert cash in their treasuries over to bitcoin as a more sound store-of-value. Most notably, microstrategy, a business analytics company, converted $425 million worth of cash in its treasury to bitcoin.

Two different worlds, one familiar story about an impressive businesswoman who came to save the day. Bitcoin news Not all is as it seems with dr ruja’s revolutionary cryptocurrency, onecoin. The financial conduct authority issues a striking warning to investors in unregulated cryptoassets.

Shortly after the payments company square made a $50 million purchase. While paypal and venmo are newer to crypto, there are a host of other applications that allow its users to buy, sell, and hold.

Stellar has slowed down the persistent uptrend aiming for the all-time highs of around $1. The recovery towards the end of january and the first week of december has been incredible. Draftkings is one of the top ipo stocks to watch, as gambling legalization gains steam. Here is what the fundamentals and technical analysis say about buying dkng stock now. Nvidia and other semiconductor companies were rising monday, following news of dialog semiconductor’s dlgnf acquisition by renesas electronics rnecy and an ongoing chip shortage. Nvidia was up 6% to $576.35 at last check, while advanced micro devices was up 4%, and intel rose 1.42%.

The increase was driven in part by the announcement that renesas had agreed to buy dialog semiconductor for $6 billion cash. “We think many companies will look at that stored wealth and that consumer base and start accepting crypto as a greater means of payment.” “We see this (tesla’s move) as an important moment for market validation but are not surprised by the move,” said david grider, lead digital strategist, at fundstrat global advisors. The main function of this feature is to control and monitor the value of various crypto assets. Users can enter the number of coins and indicate the purchase price — the application will calculate their current value and profitability. The search function can always help you in finding the needed coin, by name or by the ticker symbol.

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