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Subsequently, we prepare the editorial information and announcements for the press and place them on the relevant media platforms to get the best chances for a cure. At the submission, we attach great importance to a specific selection of contacts that match the particular subject but without practicing mass mailing with thousands of contacts with a high spreading loss. We cover the whole range of print, online, radio, playlist, tv and tour promotion. We have a rich +10 year history of promoting and marketing quality bands and music brands while working for some of the international music industry’s most influential companies. This gives us unique access to the music, it’s fans and stakeholders coupled with the agency competence and credibility needed to design and execute campaigns that deliver results. We’re a full-service music promotion agency, offering pr, media relations, website creation, social strategy and branding, video creation, studio recording, radio plays, full album production and more. Usc annenberg came up with a shocking revelation regarding the usage of social media by the americans.

On top of that we are experts in youtube advertising to grow fanbase and deliver streaming growth, music, merch and ticket sales. If you have tour tickets or festival tickets to sell we get to grips with your fan and buyer data to drive sell out shows and sold out festivals using hyper targeted advertising. record label looking for talent Our digital advertising teams bring vast experience from both inside and outside the music industry to deliver exceptional roi. The greatest opportunity for musicians in the internet age is that you are now able to control your discovery. You can build a foundation for your future success using a combination of digital marketing techniques and social advertising. We can help you lay this foundation and turn it into an engine for your growth. Playlisting is not the only way to generate more streams for your music and more fans for your band.

Also, if you are considering touring, then keep the fact in mind that it is costly and not affordable by every other artist. When looking for a music marketing company online you first want to start by searching online. You are going to want to sort through the lis of music marketing companies and find one who is reputable, has great reviews and can help you obtain your goals. Also make sure the music marketing company has case studies so you can see some prior results they have achieved. A marketer in music promotes the artists/labels music to grow their brand and increase their fan base.

If you’re a solo artist, or a band, video is essential, and quite great tv can help you create dynamic and engaging video content, and get it ‘out there’ directly to your target audience. We hope you appreciate the passion and professionalism quite great highlight with their pr team, covering a huge spectrum of musical styles and catering to musicians whatever the levels of their current fan-base. We work with artists on major and indie labels and with diy artists doing it all on their own. We work with agents, promoters, managers and with artists direct.

We get that, which is why we take a fully integrated approach to digital music marketing, pulling together all aspects of online music marketing so that we can deliver the best possible results. You put your money into a music marketing campaign and you want results. Although we have the bespoke music marketing services detailed above, this additional knowledge from other industries means that we are able to take on any marketing challenge for anyone in the music business. To put it simply, there is no other agency with the depth of hands-on experience in the music business that we have, matched to results-driven digital marketing expertise. We’re an agency built by people who’ve done every job there is in the front line of the music industry. We’ve been making video statics and lyric videos for a long time and have helped labels grow large youtube followings. We’ve also taken artists from nothing to millions of views.

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