Also, some options aren’t explained very well. I would also love to see an “Info about” button where you can add some extra info to each task or even just the entire tab. I have been using this app for less than a week.

Other than that, nothing here that others haven’t done. The only thing pro ($10 monthly) gets you is “unlimited workspaces, team members, and uploads” shouldn’t this be a thing anyway? Is that reeeally worth a netflix subscription? Maybe, maybe, I’d pay $7-$10 once for a fully featured app but now developers don’t think it’s insulting to ask for $10 bucks a month to access all app features. Taskade provides a quick way to write and share a list, even without having to log in. Users have the option to access more task listing options and features by logging in.

Taskade is a task management app that allows you to create checklists, outlines, and notes. It helps users keep track of daily goals, manage projects or plan events. Best Todoist Alternative Collaboration features allow users to to edit lists with team members in real time, manage group tasks, and brainstorm live via video chat. Tasks sync automatically across multiple devices. The software can be used by individuals or teams and is suitable for personal and professional applications.

Taskade is described as ‘create instant task lists, share notes, and video chat, all on the same page. Taskade is a modern organization and collaboration tool for getting things done. Get our app on web, mobile, chrome, mac and windows. ‘ and is one of the leading apps in the office & productivity category. There are more than 100 alternatives to taskade for a variety of platforms, including the web, iphone, android, windows and mac.

Moreover, all the participants of the same workspace can join a video conference call. Quality of video and sound is not inferior to special apps such as skype. On the other hand, there is no time tracking system and no budget control tools, but that would probably be asking too much of a free task management tool.

Recently updated to include video chat so users can work together from afar in real time. Option to archive, hide or show completed tasks to keep workspace clean. Make a list for anything, share it and work together in real time. Taskade is the simplest way to create team outlines, checklists, and workflows. A very important feature of a collaboration tool is cross-platform compatibility.

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