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Magic mushrooms are often prepared by drying and are eaten by being mixed into food or drinks, although some people eat freshly picked magic mushrooms. Are the forces of law and order secretly conspiring to let magic truffles into the country? Without going out and waving my stash under a cop’s nose, it’s hard to tell. What is clear is that britain’s attitude towards psychedelic drugs is changing significantly and, in one way or another, the law is going to have to catch up.

They were sold inside little pillows that were called dream pillows or something like that in german. It is recommended to take the dose of mushrooms on an empty stomach, this way it is easier to decide the amount needed, and it’s easier for your stomach to handle them better. You must always take into account the weight of each person, as well as their tolerance to psilocybin, it is best to use our magic mushroom dose calculator. Physically, they produce an extreme relaxation, especially when the effect starts to fade. It’s funny that after a session of magic mushrooms the body doesn’t need anything to feel comfortable. But this is not the only medicinal effect that fungi cause, they have also been proven to help fight depression in many cases.

Each mushroom is unique and has such characteristic fascinating psychoactive properties and psilocybin capsules We are convinced that a suitable mushroom grow kit can be found in our mushroom shop for both the novice user and the experienced psychonaut. Through insight and transparency into the hygienic production processes of our suppliers, we have decided to include these mind-expanding magic mushroom grow kits in our range.

So, it’s not actually necessary to buy shrooms that are ready for eating. Psilocybe tampanensis (philosopher’s stone) truffles are truffles for starters. If you have never eaten mushrooms or truffles before, it is best to go for this variety. You are not allowed to buy shrooms that are ready for use.

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