Birchwood neighborhood sidewalk construction

In the daily report, record the reasons for rejecting any concrete and the approximate amount rejected. Make sure the contractor does not allow concrete to segregate while being placed and being compacted in the forms. Stop the operation if the concrete requires patching with grout or mortar. In fixed-form construction, the contractor may choose to use anchor bolts instead of dowels. When the bolts are equivalent to the dowels, approve the use of the bolts. When new curbs are to be joined with existing facilities, check the existing elevations against the planned grades.

Ensure the contractor has implemented appropriate best management practices for washing out concrete mixer trucks. The subgrade has been constructed to the proper elevation and cross section. As specified, require the contractor to check the subgrade with a template.

After all defects have been repaired, dot will notify the county clerk to remove the violation from your property. Seans Sidewalks The department of finance will then bill property owner for the work. Once you have hired a contractor, make sure they obtain all necessary permits before beginning the work.

A sidewalk , pavement , footpath , or footway, is a path along the side of a road. Usually constructed of concrete or asphalt, it is designed for pedestrians. A sidewalk may accommodate moderate changes in grade and is normally separated from the vehicular section by a curb (spelled “Kerb” outside north america). There may also be a median strip or road verge either between the sidewalk and the roadway or between the sidewalk and the boundary. Measure concrete curbs and sidewalks by the cubic yard from the dimensions shown on the plans or by longitudinal field measurement. Existing edges of pavement and sidewalks or existing pavement surfaces should not be used directly to establish a grade line for curbs.

This section provides guidelines for inspecting concrete curbs, sidewalks, and their appurtenances, such as gutter depressions, island paving, curb ramps, and driveways. For specifications about the construction of concrete curbs and sidewalks, refer to section 73, “concrete curbs and sidewalks,” of the standard specifications. Such sidewalk shall be not less than four feet in width, constructed of brick, tile or cinders. All tile or brick sidewalks shall be constructed on a foundation consisting of not less than four inches of cinders, crushed stone or gravel and two inches of sand, and all cinder sidewalks shall consist of not less than six inches of cinders. The neighborhood sidewalk targeted expansion program is the city’s program for constructing new sidewalks on city-owned streets.

Additional sidewalk gaps prioritized for construction are locations that provide access to transit, schools, grocery stores, and parks, as well as along high-injury corridors. Penalty. Any person who shall fail to replace or repair defective, sidewalks within 45 days after being so ordered as provided herein shall be subject to a penalty as provided in §18.04 of this municipal code. A separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day in which a violation of this section occurs or continues. This section shall not preclude the city from replacing or repairing defective sidewalks as provided in §66.615, wis. All sidewalks shall generally be located as outlined in the table in §7.13 unless it is necessary to be further from the property line to match the location of sidewalks on either or both sides of the property involved. The foundation for the sidewalks shall be thoroughly tamped or otherwise compacted to prevent settlement and be moistened before placing the concrete.

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