The 10 best sidewalk contractors near me

Gaddis & son, inc. Is a columbus concrete contractor specialized in concrete and site construction. Since 1971 we have successfully completed over 2000 projects in the greater columbus metropolitan area in the commercial arenas. We provide quality concrete construction, products, and construcion services.

Note that these are general guidelines and the sidewalk repair inspector will use his/her professional judgment to determine needed repairs. A. The bureau of transportation received a complaint of a hazardous condition at or nearby your property. Sidewalk maintenance program policy and operating guidelines state that the sean’s sidewalks inspector will inspect the general area, including the specific address of the initial complaint. In addition, pro-active inspections of sidewalk adjacent to corners may be done, as resources allow. Sidewalks will be cited for repair when the sidewalk surface is chipped or deteriorated to a depth equal or greater than 1/2″. Sidewalks will be cited for repair when openings or holes in the sidewalk equal or exceed 1/2″.

“what if we didn’t have to tear out concrete when it got out of level?

Do not ignore a sinking or cracking sidewalk on your property. Contact us right away and get the problem taken care of before it becomes a more expensive proposition. We urge you to immediately address sidewalk problems related to tree roots. If roots are upending your sidewalk, they could eventually threaten the foundation of the home itself. Please note that minor cracks do not necessarily guarantee you are looking at a repair involving sidewalk raising. You might be able to get away with filling in the cracks with a repair product from the diy store.

The city forestry inspector can be reached for questions regarding trees at tree . Based on their inspection, it may not be possible to cut or disturb the tree roots. If unable to cut the tree roots then you will need to consult with your minor improvement permit inspector before you build your concrete forms or place your base. Our solution to sinking sidewalks in salt lake city is a process known as mudjacking. The process is sometimes called sidewalk leveling and sidewalk raising.

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