5 benefits of installing ducted air conditioning

A larger 8kw unit will be needed for effective cooling in a larger room. Ducted air conditioning is better to cover large areas and for controlling even temperature throughout the entire house. Ducted air conditioning requires more effort, specialist installation, a suitable home, and typically a larger upfront cost. Depending on the size of the house it usually starts around the $8,000 mark for a full set up. Split systems are typically cheaper to install, and can be installed room by room if you need to spread the cost out over time. These units tend to start at the $2,000-3,000 mark, depending on the unit capacity.

We’ve designed our outdoor units to fit neatly and vertically along the side of the typical australian house, delivering greater energy efficiency. The final part of a ducted air con system is the ducting itself, which runs to vents throughout your home or premise to distribute cool air. A ductless air conditioning system is also known as a ductless mini-split. For a ductless air conditioner installation in dallas, tx, as the name suggests, there is no need for ducts to be present in the walls for the purpose of the distribution of air. Getting an air conditioner installation in dallas, tx you might be faced with the decision of getting either ducted air conditioning or ductless air conditioning.

A ducted air conditioner installation in dallas, tx can have loss of cooling that may be taking place in the duct walls. ducted air conditioning With a ductless air conditioning system you need not worry about dust or dirt that might get collected inside the ducts and even contaminate the air. Unlike split system air conditioning, ducted air conditioning gives you the ability to cool your whole house at the touch of a button.

Explore our full range of options and discover new ways to keep your home comfortable all year long. A ducted air conditioner is one that is capable of cooling your entire home. It works by having a central unit that cools the air and then distributes the cooled air via a series of ducts into the rooms of your home.

You might notice in a shopping centre that the whole space, including every individual store is a consistent temperature. This is because most large buildings, such as shopping centres and libraries, use a ducted air conditioning system to keep the temperature uniform. So if you decide right now to opt for one of our ducted air conditioners, you can easily be enjoying the best air conditioning throughout your home or work space for the next few years. Ducts need to be thermally efficient so that valuable cooling or heating isn’t lost travelling between the air conditioner unit and the target room. Check the labels on the ducts or get a written statement of compliance to make sure you get the right quality of ducting. The limitations of your outdoor spaces – just as with split system air conditioners, the outdoor compressor unit needs to be installed somewhere where noise won’t be an issue (for you or your neighbours!).

Most confusing of all is choosing between ducted and split air conditioning systems. Ducted air conditioning is hugely versatile, and is controlled by a zonal system that allows different areas to be on or off if and when necessary. Depending upon the type of system installed , it can be used to cool or heat rooms or spaces. The whole system can be controlled by timer, meaning rooms can be cool when they are needed to be so without leaving the air conditioning on all day.

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