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Get the latest daily news and insights about search engine marketing, seo and paid search. This tool allows you to see how your site looks using google’s instant preview feature . The page shows you the sitemaps that you’ve submitted, the number of pages they found in each, and the number of those pages that they’ve indexed.

These issues include over-emphasis on a keyword not related to your business or keywords added to your website through malicious code hacking and malware. The simplest way to resolve these issues is to switch your website to a responsive theme / template if possible. WordPress users can also install plugins like wp touch to create a mobile version of their website without changing the design. After a week, revisit your branded search results to see if you are happy with the sitelinks that appear or if you need to demote another url.

Once your account is set up and your website is verified, you will have access to plenty of actionable data that can help you optimize your website. You can receive alerts from google, promotion sites adjust settings to deliver specific information to your inbox, submit xml site maps and view user queries where your website appeared in search. Learn the basics of using gwt, and you will have a great resource on which to base your future marketing decisions. The bing webmaster tools are a free service of microsoft’s search engine bing. The service provides a range of functions that allow webmasters to add their website to the bing index and to configure, analyze, and evaluate it.

Sometimes it’s best that you “teach him” about the structured data on your site so that you can show the bot what is important for you. The “data highlighter”, as you can see from it’s intuitive title, does just that. It’s basically a point and click tool to tag data from your site so google will know how to package the data in a more attractive style in search results. For benevolent webmasters, the “url parameters” tool enables them to help both, themselves and google. You can help googlebot find it’s way around the site and crawl efficiently, but be advised, the settings on this feature are powerful and may alter the outcome of your site on the search engine.

I highly recommend lrt to anyone looking to take their link building efforts to the next level. With the superhero plans you can perform link audits, link cleanup, link disavow boost, competitive research, professional seo and backlink analysis for your own or your competitor’s sites. Using hittail, you will find new keywords to optimize your main pages for as well as ones to use for blog content.

Once you have the basics down, learn how to use gsc data to increase your traffic by 28 percent or more. Google themselves recommend using this tool sparingly, as an incorrect url parameter can negatively impact how your site is crawled. If you’re using a robot.Txt file to block google’s crawlers from a specific resource, this tool allows you to double-check that everything is working. This tool is helpful as it lets actually do a test run of how google crawls and renders a specific url on your site. It’s a powerful tool to know where your content is being leveraged around the web, and what performs best in google’s eyes. The filters at the top allow you to sort data based on location, date, type of search, and much more.

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