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Hvla- high velocity low amplitude thrust techniques allow for increased range of motion, decreased pain, improved surrounding muscle tone and improved joint health. Qualified practitioners will only perform these techniques after a strict screening protocol. By targeting treatment to a number of restricted areas, patients can fully recover and being to strengthen and prevent further illness or injury.

Vianey’s approach is extremely safe, gentle and incredibly effective – in fact it takes years to master. In australia, osteopaths are government registered practitioners who complete minimum accredited university training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general healthcare diagnosis, and osteopathic techniques. Dr nikole grbin is an osteopath with many years of clinical experience working in both melbourne and adelaide. Nikole is adept in a wide range of osteopathic techniques including osteopathy in the cranial field. She is passionate about helping manage injuries and speed the healing process and will give advice and information on how to optimise recovery. Next, we’ll conduct a full examination, using hands-on osteopathic techniques, as well as clinical tests if required.

Our natural, holistic treatment methods help us address the cause of your pain and discomfort, rather than just temporarily relieving it. From babies to young children, Osteopaths in Adelaide adults and the elderly, our methods will help put your body back on the right track to healing itself and teach you beneficial techniques to stay pain free. The main difference being that chiropractic has a much more specific focus and expertise on how your spine and nervous system affect your overall health.

She previously worked as a clinical supervisor to the 5th year osteopathic students at victoria university’s osteopathic medicine clinic. After this appointment she fulfilled the role as osteopathic board member in south australia for several years. The australian government has declared osteopathy as an essential service, so we remain open to assist you with all your aches and pains in these tough times. Dry needling– using a needle to decrease the tension and pain within a trigger point and surrounding musculature allows for improved blood flow and function.

We advocate a holistic method of treatment, so we may look at other areas of the body – not just the problematic areas where you are experiencing pain. Blackwood osteopathy is the perfect choice if you’re looking for safe, gentle and above all high quality osteopathic care. Our highly experienced and qualified practitioners strive to deliver the best health outcomes for people of all genders, ages and backgrounds. Based in blackwood, we receive patients from all across adelaide, and offer convenient electronic payment facilities and on the spot claiming for health fund rebates. With hicaps and eftpos available, check with your health care provider if osteopathy treatment is part of your cover.

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