Filigree jewelry

Subtle oxidation of the interior lends extra depth to the design. These ornate earrings by komang suastra evoke the grandeur of java’s majapahit era. Crafted with elaborate openwork, the sterling silver earrings sparkle with the beauty of amethyst. By joycelyn sena zigah, these beautiful earrings are crafted by hand in exquisite filigree. Evoking handmade lace, these exquisite silver earrings are centered with teardrops bathed in 18k gold.

Earrings are your most versatile accessory, simple, casual, elegant, formal or brave and beautiful. Jewelry is an art form that allows makers to express their individuality and cultural influences, and certain designs are used to represent important symbols. For example, central american artisans incorporate traditional figures, glyphs, and pre-hispanic folklore.

The more delicate work is generally protected by framework of stouter wire. In the north of europe, filigree earrings wholesale the saxons, britons and celts were from an early period skillful in several kinds of goldsmiths’ work. Admirable examples of filigree patterns laid down in wire on gold, from anglo-saxon tombs, may be seen in the british museum, notably a brooch from dover, and a sword-hilt from cumberland. The staffordshire hoard of anglo-saxon gold and silver discovered in a field in staffordshire, england, on 5 july 2009 contains numerous examples of very fine filigree described by archaeologist kevin leahy as “Incredible”. Also noted is silver filigree of karimnagar in telangana state.

It is probable that in india, iran and various parts of central asia filigree has been worked from the most remote period without any change in the designs. Very fine grains or beads and spines of gold, scarcely thicker than coarse hair, projecting from plates of gold are methods of ornamentation still used. The museum of the hermitage at saint petersburg contains a large collection of scythian jewellery from the tombs of the crimea. Many bracelets and necklaces in that collection are made of twisted wire, some in as many as seven rows of plaiting, with clasps in the shape of heads of animals of beaten work.

These free-flowing forms are handmade with intricate techniques. A hallmark of the age-old art, each pair of earrings is a promise of strength and longevity, carefully crafted for all age groups. The designs are created keeping in mind key elements of comfort, convenience, and different occasions. Our collection of silver earrings showcases an array of designs – delicate and subtle, bold and statement.

Find this delicate, lace-like pattern in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and home décor. With filigree jewelry in a range of gold, silver, rose gold, and gunmetal, we’re delighted to add unexpected and artful touches of beauty to your everyday. Explore our color bar™ to create the perfect filigree look to elevate your style.

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