Resin Bound Or Resin Bonded?

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is the UK manufacturer of DALTEX dried aggregates – the UK’s no 1 brand in Resin Bound and offers the widest range of colours in the UK. This system lends itself well to pedestrian areas which require a lot of grip – and is not really recommended for driveways or vehicle areas. It can be used but we would only recommend using a super strong bauxite stone, which is limited to just a few colours. Ideal and perfect for cleaning as the surface can withstand a pressure wash, with no loose stones. With this system the stone is mixed along with the resin in an action forced mixer. Whether your project is domestic or commercial, at The Yorkshire Resin Company we have the perfect resin surface to suit your needs.

Resin-bound systems incorporating 6-10mm dried aggregates and larger sizes are generally used as tree surrounds known as tree pits. Tree pit systems work in a sudsuk way to UV resin-bound surfacing systems only using larger aggregates to allow more water to permeate through to feed the trees they surround. Resin Bound surfacing is an ideal alternative to loose gravel, particularly for areas where access is required by vehicles, wheelchairs or bicycles whilst being more attractive than tarmac or concrete. This system involves applying our high performance resin directly onto a stable substrate such as asphalt or concrete and then dressing it with our washed and kiln dried decorative aggregate. Because of the way it is mixed, allowing for small gaps between aggregates, a Resin Bound system is permeable. This means it is also a SUDS compliant solution which means planning permission isn’t required as long as a suitable porous subbase is used.

It’s a mark of quality, safety and reliability, indicating the product’s fitness-for-purpose. Conversely, more intricate shapes will naturally take more time to install and will result in a higher cost from your installer as they take more time to complete. Resin Bound driveways are beautiful to look at, require little maintenance and are easy to clean. That have just finished laying A large patio for me the work carried out from start to finish can only be called first class a real pleasure to do business with.

Resin Bound is a porous, SUDS compliant paving system which encapsulates decorative aggregates to form a smooth, seamless and highly decorative finish. This means it allows water to pass directly through it into the ground beneath. In the UK, where the weather tends to be wet a lot of the year, we know many properties and driveways struggle with flooding and water damage. Resin paving is permeable though, which considerably reduces flooding and water collection on surfaces. During the laying process, minute voids are created that allows water to drain through. One of the key parts to ensuring the strength and longevity of resin bound paving comes down to how tightly the stones are packed – whilst also ensuring that the surface has the tiny voids .

Make sure your projects are the best they can be by using the Resin Mill’s premium quality resin driveway materials. BoundWorx® Resin Bound materials have been specially formulated for over a decade to maximise UV stability, permeability and user friendliness. Manufactured by leading resin experts Resin Bonded Ltd, BoundWorx® is a highly durable and attractive external surfacing solution.

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