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Whatever your budget or concept, we’ll work with you throughout the production process. We’re as invested as you are in making a music video that stands out. As one of the top companies specialising in video production, we’ve worked on a range of projects. While our base is in London, our creative ability has sent us all over the world making visual art for a range of purposes. We have years of experience in all areas of video and audio production. From recording to editing we strive to bring creativity to life and capture the beauty of every moment.

These are the well known and ideal editing software used by the majority of video editing professionals. Just like a film director, the role of a music video director is Latent Productions best music video production company Latent Productions best music video production company direct the actors and crew members on set, as well as to oversee the entire production. Much like filmmaking, music video production is heavily involved with visual storytelling. We’re a music video company with bases in Leeds, London and Manchester producing fantastic music videos and content for major record labels, upcoming artists and global brands. We work with budgets of all sizes, and we’d love to work with you!

Additionally, some of the best shots might be candid moments with the set and crew. Wasted time can cost you more money (if you’re renting by the hour/day) or sour relationships . Most film crews who do more “hanging out” rather than working, are simply responding to the lack of planning.

It was founded by the non-commercial radio station WFMU, and is one of the driving forces behind free music on the internet. Content and marketing writer, specializes in the intersection of technology and business. Figure out what story is being told and base your script on that. You can also supplement your career as a director through online means, like YouTube.

What is it that will help your music stand out from the crowd and give you the chance to shine? Watch our portfolio and get a flavour for what you can expect in your music video production. When shooting original video content, you should consider protecting the rights to your creative work.

If you do have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can use the genre listings to browse available tracks or the search bar to narrow down the list. And if you’re interested in music editing, there are tons of instrument samples that you can piece together to create your own track. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the nine best places to find high-quality royalty-free background music for videos.

From there, upload it to your YouTube video or use a video editor to add the track to your video. Just remember to double-check the type of Creative Commons license available and the type of attribution the artist is asking for in exchange for their music. Here’s how you use SoundCloud to find royalty-free background music for your videos.

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