Masterflex® transfer tubing, polytetrafluoroethylene ptfe

Cleanrooms and other controlled environments used for scientific research or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other electronic products require a host of specialized products. Digi filter for filtering wastewater, soil and dirty samples prior to aa or icp analysis. Dual-headed cap made from virgin polypropylene, digi filter s offer low leachable metal content. A 0.45 micron teflon membrane inserted in everydigi filter guarantees 98% particle retention. Tubing handles extreme temperatures from -454°f to +500°f and complies with applicable fda and usp class vi requirements.

Ptfe tubing is chosen due to its excellent hydrophobicity, chemical inertness, and ability to withstand high pressures. We offer a broad range of sizes which can be used with standard compression fittings. Ptfe tubing’s high viscosity in the gel state prevents it from being processed conventionally in extruders or injection molding.

The unique properties of ptfe tubing cover an impressive range. However, mechanical strength and wear resistance are not criteria for which ptfe is recommended, which is one reason for the development of fep tubing, pfa tubing and etfe tubing. Ptfe is the classic, original, and gold standard of fluoropolymer tubing.PTFE Tube Ptfe was the “Miracle” fluoropolymer invented in the 1940’s by dupont – a product originally without a market and hard to process. Most other materials continue to use ptfe as a reference for chemical resistance. Flexible, heat-resistant ptfe tubing offers a low friction coefficient that provides higher flows and washdown that reduces process-contaminating residue.

We are here to help you improve efficiencies and outcomes in your laboratory. Your success will determine our future; we support you to be successful. Ptfe tubing may be used to connect the gas lines to the ports during gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of volatile organic compounds from potato tubers inoculated with phytophthora infestans or fusarium coeruleum. Heating tube to soft point prior to bending is best for permanent bends. Tried these as vent tubes for roto molding in place of virgin teflon ptfe we usually used and they worked equally well. We will be changing to this product, because we are able to purchase smaller quantities.

Teflon has superior chemical and heat resistance over other plastic and rubber tubing materials, and withstands steam for sterilization. Plastic tubing is used to transfer liquids, air, or solids, and it is characterized by a round shape and a hollow center. Plastic tubing is crimp-resistant and varies in bend radius , chemical resistance, wall thickness, durometer hardness, and temperature and pressure handling abilities. Other applications for ptfe tubing include spark plugs, spacers and connectors. Extruded ptfe tube is used extensively when uniform wall thickness through the entire tube length is needed. U.S. Plastic corp.® is your source for fluoropolymer tubing.

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