Aepac members participate in political discourse and community activities aimed at strengthening ties between the two nations and peoples. Tensions with the tplf have been escalating since september, when tigray held regional elections which the federal government called illegal. In choosing to avoid sending a mission, the eu is going to rely solely on external knowledge, coming almost completely from international media sources. That simply does not provide the extensive understanding required for the eu to share an informed view of the process and its outcome. She has led the country through an arduous two-year process of consultation, across all opposition parties, via an inclusive forum where all competitive political parties have debated and decided on the rules of the electoral competition. As my nephews volunteer to defend the amhara region and its people, in what is being called a “survival campaign” – I ask myself where is the international condemnation of the tplf?

Mercury will lobby on “strengthening the organization’s reputation and identifying opportunities to further diaspora’s role in us civic society,” according to its lobbying registration, which was effective june 1. Mercury also represents the governments of uganda and zimbabwe as well as the transitional government of national unity in libya. Washington lobbying firmmercury public affairshas picked up a new diaspora group endorsed by the ethiopian government as congress and thejoe bidenadministration continue to press addis ababa over ethnic strife in the east african country. The us slapped sanctions on ethiopia in may and cut aid due to atrocities committed in the tigray region of the country.

Only now – almost a year into their aggressive campaign – are we starting to hear calls to stop their crusade.donate to ethiopia tigray Last month, the u.S. Demanded the tplf withdraw its forces immediately from the amhara and afar regions. The constitution the tplf put in place in 1995 further fuelled ethnic segregation and conflict in ethiopia. They committed mass human rights abuses during their almost 30-year authoritative rule as documented by human rights watch, amnesty international and the state department’s annual reports on human rights.

Midekssa was once a vocal opposition leader who made real progress in the 2005 election but was subsequently jailed in the crackdown that followed. We need to spread the news for the creation of aepac and what aepac does to every ethiopian community in the us. American and ethiopian r/s is positive since 2009 but now the r/s is divorced due to incapability of our goverment.

They will reward candidates that support sovereignty and territorial integrity of their countries. At the weekend, gunmen killed 32 people and torched more than 20 houses in another part of the country, in the west. Sources said efforts were under way behind the scenes to encourage talks, pushed by the african union. But the initiative was being resisted by the government which insists it has to eliminate a threat posed by the tplf.

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